Why Counselling?

Reasons to embark upon the counselling journey.

hands Person-Centred therapy provides a designated time and space away from the day-to-day with someone that you trust, in order that you can explore your relationship with your past, present and future.

Often, people choose therapy because they feel the therapist can offer advice and support in resolving difficult issues in their lives. What actually happens is a little different. A good counsellor will form a working relationship with the client, like a Dr Watson to the client's Sherlock Holmes. Together, they will work to untangle the mystery of the client's inner life.

Counselling offers something quite rare in these modern times - the opportunity to examine personal motivations, thought processes, challenges and difficulties. It provides a useful space to allow you to discover your own way forward, in the midst of so many other voices and opinions.

It is this need for wholeness, confidence, clarity and peace which draws many to spend time with a Person-Centred counsellor.