Booking Conditions


Following our free introductory session, if you decide to move on to a regular counselling commitment, there will be a few things to be aware of. Please see below for terms and conditions:

I work in line with the BACP code of ethics from comfortable, safe and confidential counselling rooms based in Wirral and Liverpool.

By agreeing to work together in counselling I am offering you access to a regular (generally weekly) 50-minute session in which we will work collaboratively together to help you resolve whatever struggles you are facing. In return, I will expect you to commit to the sessions and attend regularly with a willingness to be open and work towards a positive outcome.

I am unable to offer crisis services. If you find yourself in urgent need of support outside our planned sessions please contact your GP, A&E or a support organisation such as Samaritans. Please see the links page for details of external organisations.

My contact details are provided in order to arrange counselling sessions and for initial enquiries. Please respect that they are not given for therapeutic support outside of our sessions.

My role as counsellor is to provide a space and relationship where you feel respected, accepted and safe to explore any issues you would like to bring.

Details of charges can be found on the session prices page. Please don't be offended if I ask for payment before the session starts; I find it can distract from the content of the session or end up being forgotten if left.

At least 48 hours' notice is required in the event of cancellation of an appointment. Charges for cancellations and missed appointments are shown on the session prices page.

As is standard practice for counselling organisations, clients who do not attend booked appointments, or arrive late will be liable for the full session cost. Sessions will not go ahead unless clients arrive on time.

Clients who regularly do not attend booked sessions will be deemed to have broken the terms of the counselling contract. In such cases, they will be asked to take a break from counselling. This does not mean that clients cannot resume therapy at a later time.

Both client and counsellor reserve the right to terminate the counselling agreement if at any point it is decided the work is unhelpful or either party is not adhering to professional boundaries. If I, as the counsellor, feel the need to terminate the counselling contract, I accept my responsibility to fully explain what I perceive the issues to be. Advice on how to seek more appropriate help can be provided.

As the sessions progress, I will encourage the client to regularly review what progress is being made and the direction of further sessions if both parties feel they are required. As an ethical practitioner, I will not offer sessions if I feel they are not of benefit to you.